Our base payout is set to be 0.0014 DASH per day plus bonus (bonus depends on luck and coin prices) for AMD R9 290 (our reference card with its speed taken as 100% value). Same hardware achieves 4.84MHs in popular X11-mod miner, so we are using this value for per mhs payout pricing.


The pool pays constant amount of DASH/BTC based on your mining speed. This speed is displayed in percent in your dashminer application. That’s your mining speed compared to our reference videocard Sapphire R9 290 Tri-X OC. This is required, because each of supported mining algorithms (X11, X13, X15…) has very different hashrate and thus your hashrate would jump when algorithm is switched.

Our mining software shows your projected daily profit in the top right corner of the window. It is calculated by multiplying your speed by the base payout value. Please note that the exact payout will be slightly different, as the pool does not know your exact speed. It evaluates it based on the speed at which your are sending solved shares to the pool. That is also the reason why your speed jumps a bit up and down when you look at your statistics. This is normal.


Minimal daily payout is 0.0001 DASH for miners using DASH addresses. If your daily income is less than that amount, then the payment is not processed.


BTC payouts are processed once a week on Wednesdays. Minimal weekly payout is 0.0001 BTC. There is a 0.00005 BTC transaction fee. If your weekly income is less than that amount, then the payment is not processed.

We highly recommend mining with DASH address instead of BTC. BTC has very high transaction fees. Also with DASH payments, you’re getting payout every day and there is no transaction fee.

Each of our stratum servers is completely self-contained (this is done for security reasons and to mitigate possible DDOS attacks). So you need to log to the server that you have specified in your dashminer command line to see your statistics. Just click on your server above to get to statistics.

When comparing our payouts to other pools, please make sure to take our unique payout scheme into account. Other pools may have higher payouts one day, but much lower another day. Look at average payouts for fair comparison. For example, you can check statistics on the popular poolpicker.eu website.

Notice: if you are serious about mining, please check your wattmeter to see how much electricity your rig is consuming. We are mining energy efficient algorithms like X11, X13, X15. But our miner is different from the widely known X11-mod, so your results may vary.

You can see JSON payouts data here.