You can find full payout history by following the forum links below. If you have any questions regarding payouts, please either email us or send PM or post in the BitcoinTalk forum or in the DashTalk forum.

Payouts are usually processed in 4-6 hours after a 24 hour mining shift has ended. This allows us to get best deals for exchanging the mined coins. Each mining shift starts at 00:00 UTC and ends at 23:59 UTC.

Payout values show how much we pay to a miner with 100% speed*.

* AMD R9 290 achieves roughly 100% without overclocking. R9 280X is about 85%. R9 290X is around 110%. R9 270X is 50%. You results may vary and it usually depends on overclocking.

Base – base rate is the amount of DASH that we guarantee to pay you even if the pool does not solve any blocks or goes into wrong fork, etc. This is the minimum that you’ll earn per day. This value is also displayed in dashminer application.

Our base payout values are in DASH. In order to pay our BTC miners we multiply DASH payout value by DASH/BTC exchange rate at the time of payout. We take average value of “24 hr high” and “24 hr low” on Bittrex to get the exchange rate.

Bonus – some days we have good income and we are happy to share it with you. Also we have promotions from time to time.